shAwn smith + the two step

Shawn Smith is the founder of ReSketch, an awesome sketchbook of bound reclaimed paper stock. ReSketch uses a random assortment of paper weights, colors and patterns to encourage imagination through discovery. 

Paper is no novelty and neither is reusing paper, but breathing new life into discarded/unwanted paper to be used in the same medium it was initially intended for + fostering creativity, is. It’s basically the analog baseline for creativity much like the two step is to dance. Think about it. 

There were a couple of points Shawn spoke to that I found particularly inspiring:

In regards to starting a Kickstarter, 1. What are you going to create? 2. Do you believe in it enough to see it through?

And making the decision to move forward with ReSketch he said, “I’m not super great at this, but I think I know enough.”

So you don’t need to be an expert to have the confidence to start a project. You’ll learn along the way and become an expert through the process. 

He also happens to be the creator of Shawnimals, nbd. 

I hope he’s not offended by the paring with DJ Unk’s version of the two step.