yield + the foxtrot

Week 3′s guests were Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming of Yield Design Co. They gave wonderful insight into the processes and decisions they made behind starting Yield and stressed their values as branding and a the way to communicate cohesiveness throughout the breadth of product. 

Everything they do is intentional. Yield’s aesthetic reflects their manifesto to 1. bridge past and present, 2. timeless craft and 3. no compromises. 

After gaining wide attention from their initial Kickstarter of the picnic bag, they strategically introduced small planters to avoid being identified by soft goods only and as a way to minimize growing pains. Andrew and Rachel were very candid in the risks they knew they took along the way but noted that “scary allows you to check yourself sometimes…” Their growing popularity along with the ability to “check” themselves every now and then reminds me of the foxtrot: slow, slow, quick, quick. Yield’s design and business plan is very strategic, much like the dance and their respect for traditional lines and materials is a lot like ballroom dancing in general. Plus, they are a couple, and the foxtrot is a couple’s dance!