eAmes + the electric slide

Industrial design is a lot like a dance move; simplicity is favored over complexity; repetition is essential (in production and movements); and can communicates without cultural boundaries. Take the Eames molded plywood chairs and the Electric Slide. Both arguably, universally known and understood across cultures, languages and geographies. The Eames chair is appreciated for its simplicity, comfort and style largely through its materiality and shape. The Electric Slide is also simple in steps, comfortable in the the sense there are no strenuous motions and its style is adaptable.

I have always loved and admired the work of Charles and Ray. Their aesthetic, massive depth of work, and ability to cross disciplines - because good design is good design, no matter what field its produced in.

Someday (soon, hopefully) I would like to design exhibitions that increase accessibility to learners. Through this entrepreneurial product development course I aim to gain experience outside of the non-profit world and explore relationships with objects between institutional and non-institutional spaces. This Tumblr will serve as a place for Assignments + inspirations + process/progress on the Kickstarter. Plus I think it will be fun to compare designers and my progress with popular dance moves, duh!