mAx temkin + thriller

"Treat money like gas in a car. You need to pay attention to it so you don't get stuck on the side of the road, but you don't want your life to be a tour of gas stations." -not Max Temkin

We visited Some Office - home to Cards Against Humanity and a variety of other creative endeavors to meet with Max Temkin. Though his ten secret steps remain a secret, the Tom O'Reilly quote above that he paraphrased is great advice. Max referenced O'Reilly when asked about the decision to not sell Cards Against Humanity. The ability to maintain creative authorship with his colleagues runs throughout Max's various projects that fall under Maxistentialism including several games, board member positions, a zine and most recently, a type of logistical company.

When thinking about what dance I could pair with Max, I first thought of Pharrell. They're both creative, entrepreneurs and ultimately want to make the world a better place. But Pharrell isn't a dance. He has these little sway moves that come up in several music videos, but it's basically called keeping a beat.

I've been wanting to include Thriller into one of my posts on guest designers and I am happy to say today is the day! The dance sequence in the Thriller music video is really technical; it's more than just the three steps to the right and lifting your arms up like a praying mantis. Likewise Blackbox is a logistics service that makes all the technicalities in fulfillment and shipping look easy. And similar to the various entities that form Maxistentialism, Thriller is a compilation of moves that has created its own brand as a whole. Both are extremely creative and adamant on the aesthetic quality of presentation. Plus, Max came from the group Cards Against Humanity and Michael came from the group Jackson 5. (Last one was a little longer of a stretch than usual.)

(The full music video link is under the first mention of Thriller. The one below is cut to the dance scene.)