grAmovox + voguing

The week we visited Gramovox was in short, refreshing. Their office was a bit minimalist, but it has all of the essentials: comfy seating, Noguchi coffee table (extra points), dope vertical turntable and an awesome team. Co-founder Pavan Bapu filled the rest of the space (and my sketchbook) with practical quotes from first hand experience.

"There is nothing more rewarding than creating something that never existed -and people want it."

We got into a little of the nitty gritty technicalities that make Gramophone and Floating Record function, all masked within clean hardwood and wood veneer boxes that make their products statement pieces in any room.

It's this fluidity between technicality, originality and expression that compels me to liken Gramovox to voguing. I've learned there are several styles of voguing, but for the sake of comparison I will use Madonna's music video because she helped mainstream voguing and she's The Queen, duh. Gramovox's products are clean and precise, mirroring the clean and precise moves that make up voguing. Precision is key for both sound and dance. Moreover, the creative expression that marry acoustics and aesthetics is the signature statement for Gramovox and voguing. You just can't compete with Madonna or Gramovox's Floating Record player.