center for lost Arts + swing riot

A few weeks ago we went to a talk by Charles Adler as part of the supporting programming for Outside Design, an exhibition at SAIC that showcases work intertwining art, design, technology and nature. Alder, formerly of Kickstarter, used the very platform he co-founded to fund the Center For Lost Arts in Chicago this past July. The Center for Lost Arts was a “pop-up” space that allowed for the convening of over forty creatives to dive into new technology and equipment, learn different techniques, share ideas and expertise and most of all, create in a limited amount of time.

Adler was personally interested in the intersection between disciplines, people and cultures. He used the Center for Lost Arts as a place for experiment and empowerment all to support his overarching goal of building and sustaining a creative economy.

Sketchbook notes on Charles Adler lecture

Sketchbook notes on Charles Adler lecture

Several participants were in attendance and reflected upon that hectic month - sharing how they utilized their time and experimented with new methods with the five 3D printers. Tom Burtonwood specifically addressed the cross pollination of disciplines when he came across some people with drones.

The Montreal Swing Riot is an event that promotes the intersections of dance, specifically lindy hop, swing, tap and break dancing through a celebration of jazz and street culture. It is a weekend where you can show off your expertise, learn new moves, get inspiration and most of all, create (dance).

Highlights from the Montreal Swing Riot 2014