Andrew neyer + hammer time

Andrew Neyer was a ball of energy. He personally drove down to Chicago to talk about Stuff, his experiences and he brought treats!

You can tell Andrew is the epitome of the class motto “always be hustling,” but what I respected was the efficiency of his work ethic. Sometimes the thought of never stopping is daunting and exhausting. Andrew illustrated working isn’t a simple on and off switch, but rather a light on a dimmer. Fitting, since he has an entire lighting line.

The key is to put in work for the least amount of time. To Andrew this means using the same design processes and filters for his products and art. He even cut down the time commuting to and from work by Youtubing “how to build a shed” and converted it into a super sweet office. 

There are three staple components to Andrew’s practice: lighting, smaller products and illustrations. Similarly, there are three staple components to the hammer dance: running man, fall back and the crisscross and pose. I initially thought of this dance because it was the first one that came to mind that would match the energy level Andrew exuded. The forcefulness in each dance move is counterpart to the bold aesthetic of Stuff and it’s punchy labeling. Lastly, Andrew’s illustration career can be more tangentially associated with the extremely short lived Hammerman cartoon.