oAtv + gAngnam

Bryce Roberts is the co-founder and managing director or OATV, bringing accessible capital to more people. As in indie venture capital company, they provide the “rocket fuel” to companies at the very last second. Very…uplifting.

Before the tutorial videos in class and speaking with Bryce, I knew absolutely nothing about venture capital and after all of that, I can’t confidently say I understand it all now. I know there are a lot of calculations that go into investing, as Bryce said, there are good companies and there are good investments, the two are not alway synonymous. I think I just have a tough time knowing there are uber rich people willing to throw what I value as a lot of money with the acceptance that things most likely will not pan out.

What I did appreciate was Bryce’s acknowledgement of the following:

“Not everything has to be a company/start up. Not everything needs to be scaled. Somethings can be just projects.”

In the present, I am happy with just projects and thankful for Bryce’s crash course in v.c. knowing that such an option exists. Likewise (and I mean this with no offense), I don’t fully get the Gangnam dance, but know that it exists out in the world and many other people enjoy it. Additionally, Gangnam blew up with international success and vc’s tend to follow mega trends, perhaps not in the realm of music videos, but pop culture remains extremely influential.