finAl thoughts + the hustle

Craighton graciously hosted our last class in the new digs of Manual and Craighton Berman Studio.

It would be criminal to have posted a year’s worth of speakers and dance moves and not include the hustle. #nobrainer But which hustle?? Van McCoy or Rick Ross? I have thought about this for quite some time and a mashup of both best suits my final thoughts.

Van McCoy’s chart-topping hit, “The Hustle” in 1975 is lighthearted, easy going, and dare I say, groovy. I have enjoyed this class for the same reasons. It served as welcomed creative break of making and hearing from various makers compared to a written thesis. Don’t get it twisted, though. I learned so many valuable insights into the importance of self-branding and was exposed to a wide range of how businesses are ran, but the delivery of information was easy to digest and most importantly, relevant. 

Rick Ross is a boss. He said so himself. While I don’t condone every lyric in that song (that would be most), I am all for the beat and the very general message of work ethic. The Van McCoy half of the class was very much in line with the weekly guest speakers. The Rick Ross half of the class definitely applied to the design and fabrication of our products and the Kickstarter journey. Like its bass, Kickstarter and prototyping had its highs and lows, but we all found a way to persevere. 

Though my professional goals do not directly lie in product design, I have been inspired to continue to create on a very small and personal scale. In the first class we did had an assignment to sketch our notes in lieu of writing. This is something I plan to continue to exercise! 

Surprisingly there wasn't an existing mashup of Van McCoy's music video with Rick Ross' audio. It is with my greatest pleasure that I release this new gem into the world.