super mechAnical + the loco-motion

One critical piece of advice John Kestner of Super Mechanical gave was to assess the number of tough issues within a project and resolve one, not all. John is a builder. He continues to build upon his last product. This iterative process achieves several things: 1. builds a roadmap for future iterations, 2.builds a family of products, 3. builds a focused audience, and 4. builds a stronger story for branding. 

“What do I think is valuable?” John Kestner

I think this is a question worth constant asking not just on an individual product level, but as a firm practice as well. It’s clear Super Mechanical values understated technology that assists in controlling environments spanning from an oven with Range to your entire home with Twine. 

John was very candid about the the team size of Super Mechanical, having to let engineers go and keep only one person as part time. So what dance move accommodates a single person and more? There are several, but the loco-motion was a no-brainer for Super Mechanical. Besides the instant success Super Mechanical and Little Eva both experienced, the loco-motion has been covered by other artists several times, similar to the iterative process of Super Mechanical with the Range. It is perfectly acceptable to do the loco-motion individually, but of course equally as fun when you build a train with others. Get on board with Super Mechanical and the Range Dial and enjoy a little Kylie Minogue!